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Js003 automatic cutting machine for copper lock body

technical parameter:  

Cutting length: 60-135mm, the longest single side is 70mm

Working frequency: 8-20 pcs/min

Main motor power: 4KW

Cutting motor power: 400W

Feeding motor power: 200W

Spindle speed: 1800 rpm (can be adjusted according to user requirements)

Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm

Total air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

Body size: 1000×900×1270mm

Body weight: 230KG

Active material rack: 3

Machine characteristics:

This machine tool is a highly automated profile cutting machine designed for the lock industry and door industry.

Using frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, the slot milling and cutting can be completed at one time.

One person can operate multiple machines, greatly reducing manpower and energy consumption.

Can be fixed length, automatic feeding, counting, workpiece and chip separation.

After cutting the material, it will alarm automatically and stop automatically after delay.

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