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Technical parameters:

Main motor: 1.5kw

Power supply: three-phase 380V

Lifting height: 0.8m (customizable)

Width: 180mm

Body size: 1300 * 380 * 1100

Machine features:

Elvator is the auxiliary equipment of our feeding system, with chain plate structure, which is widely used in automatic cutting machine, red punching and edge cutting, etc.

Taking the copper bar cutter as an example, align the receiving port of the hoist with the discharge port of the copper bar cutter, and the cut copper bar directly falls into the hoist.

With the transmission of the chain, the workpiece (copper bar) is stored in the large basket, eliminating the secondary material handling, and the lifted workpiece is effectively separated from the copper scrap.

Js-029 automatic round steel cutter is a multifunctional metal profile cutter with fast cutting speed and high precision. It can be processed directly without flat head. Intelligent control of the whole machine can monitor the sharpness and fault alarm of the saw blade in real time. Simple operation and good stability.

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