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Js016 saw blade gear grinding machine

technical parameter:

Outer diameter of milling cutter: Φ70—Φ300mm

Milling cutter aperture: Φ16, Φ22, Φ27, Φ32mm

Main motor power: 750W

Gear motor power: 60W

Maximum tooth depth: 6mm

Maximum tooth pitch: 6mm

Blade thickness: ≤3mm

Grinding wheel specifications: WA80L, φ150×10×φ32 35m/s

Body size: 550×550×1050mm

Body weight: 95KG

Work efficiency: adjustable speed.

Machine characteristics:

Suitable for single-edged circular saw blade grinding; automatic gear shifting and automatic grinding.

Automatic gear shifting, automatic grinding, uniform tooth pitch, smooth tooth surface; white corundum grinding wheel;

The main motor can swing left and right to adjust the tooth profile.

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