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Js006 double servo gear grinding machine

technical parameter:

Saw blade outer diameter: Φ40—270mm

Saw blade aperture: Φ16, Φ22, Φ27, Φ32mm

Main motor power: 750W

Forward and retreat motor power: 400W servo motor

Gear motor power: 400W servo motor

Saw blade thickness: ≤20mm (thickness widening can be customized)

Grinding wheel specifications: According to customer needs, the material is not limited (inner hole Φ32)

Body size: 970×670×1460mm

Body weight: 150KG

Work efficiency: adjustable speed

Machine characteristics:

It is suitable for grinding single-edge circular saw blades.

Automatic gear shifting, automatic grinding.

The tooth pitch is uniform and the tooth surface is smooth.

Servo motor indexing, servo feed and retreat, higher precision.

No guide plate is needed, just input the number of teeth of the saw blade on the touch screen.

The number of grinding laps can be set, and the machine will stop automatically when the number of laps is reached.

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