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Js022 aluminum automatic cutting machine

Machine characteristics:

It is suitable for cutting round, triangle, square, flat, hexagonal, pipe and special-shaped aluminum profiles.

Fixed length, automatic feeding, cutting, counting, separation of workpiece and chips.

Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, automatic alarm and shutdown if there is no material.

Using the principle of mechanical transmission, ordinary saw blade milling cutter cutting, simple operation, safe and reliable.

The machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the cooling liquid is recycled, which does not affect the surrounding environment.

One person can operate multiple machines, greatly reducing manpower and energy consumption.

technical parameter:

Cutting diameter: Φ25-Φ70mm (pipe can be cut to Φ80mm)

Maximum cutting length: 100mm

Working frequency: 5-40 pieces/minute

Main motor power: 4KW 4 poles

Cutting motor: 400W

Feeding motor: 200W

Spindle speed: 1800 rpm (can be adjusted according to user requirements)

Blade diameter: 250—300mm

The inner hole of the blade: Φ32mm

Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm

Body size: 1000×900×1270mm

Machine weight: 275KG

Active material rack: 3

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