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Js060 high precision servo pipe cutting machine
Technical parameters:
Machining diameter range: Φ 20-60mm
Processing length range: 5-250mm
Machining accuracy: ± 0.05mm
Cutting efficiency: 10-50 pieces / min
Oerall dimension: 2050 * 850 * 1520 (mm)
Main motor power: 3kw
Oil pump power: 1.5kw
Hydraulic pressure: 3Mpa
Machine weight: 1200 (kg)
Machine characteristics:
PLC system control is adopted, with stable and reliable performance. The man-machine interface control can easily change various parameters, which is simple and easy to understand.
Hydraulic clamping, large clamping force and more stable cutting. Hydraulic feeding, stable feeding action.
Double axis bidirectional servo control is adopted. One feeding can cut multiple times, and each workpiece shall be tested to ensure the accuracy within ± 0.05mm. Special high-precision servo, fast response, high precision, slow forward and fast backward function design, saving a lot of tool withdrawal time and improving production efficiency.
It can be operated by one person and multiple machines, and the operation is simple. High cutting precision,

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