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Js029 high speed circular saw cutting machine
Cutting outer diameter: round steel Φ 10-45mm
Maximum cutting length: 8-330mm
Feeding accuracy: ± 0.05mm
Cutting efficiency: 3-30 pieces / min
Main motor power: 2.2kw
Oil pump power: 2.2kw
Control mode: PLC man-machine interface
Overall dimension: 1650 * 1050 * 1650 (mm)
Machine weight: 1200 (kg)
to configure:
1. The whole machine adopts the combination of hydraulic working system and servo system.
2. The linear guide rail advances and retracts the tool up and down, with stable feed, long tool life and high sawing accuracy.
3. The feeding system is carefully designed without damaging the workpiece surface, and the feeding accuracy is ± 0.05mm
4. The feeding action is controlled by the servo system
5. Equipped with electronic saw blade protection device to observe the sharp and dull state of the saw blade in real time.
6 hman machine interface operation, intuitive and easy to understand. According to the cutting requirements, the user can directly enter the cutting length value in the interface to meet the length requirements you want to cut.
7. The coolant circulates automatically to ensure the smooth section of the workpiece, fully enclosed structure, environmental protection and no impact on the surrounding environment.

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