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Js007 automatic cutting machine

technical parameter:

Cutting diameter: copper rod φ8—φ45mm

Maximum cutting length: 120mm

Working frequency: 10-100 pcs/min

Main motor power: 3KW

Cutting motor power: 120W

Feeding motor power: 120W

Spindle speed: 1800 revolutions per minute for copper materials 3450 revolutions per minute for aluminum materials (adjustable according to user requirements)

Blade diameter: φ90—φ160mm

The inner hole of the blade: φ22, φ27, φ32mm

Body size: 1000×750×1080mm

Body weight: 210KG

Active material rack: 3

Machine characteristics:

Suitable for cutting round, triangle, square, flat, hexagonal, pipe and special-shaped materials.

It has the functions of automatic feeding, fixed length, cutting off, counting, delayed power-off protection of clamping knife, separation of workpiece and chips, and one-man multi-machine operation.

It adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, alarms after cutting the material, and automatically shuts down.

Using the principle of mechanical transmission, ordinary saw blade milling cutter cutting, simple operation, safe and reliable.

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