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Js028 automatic cutting machine for copper and aluminum profiles

technical parameter:

Cutting outer diameter: Φ30-Φ100mm

Maximum cutting length: 250mm

Cutting efficiency: 3-30 pieces/minute

Main motor power: 5KW

Hydraulic system: 2.2KW

Control mode: PLC man-machine interface

Machine weight: 1100 (KG)

Dimensions: 1650*1500*1650(mm)

Machine characteristics:

1. The linear guide rail feeds up and down, the feed is stable, the tool life is long, and the cutting precision is high.

2. Unique main clamp design, strong and firm clamping force.

3. The coolant is automatically circulated to ensure the smooth cut surface of the workpiece and a clean working environment.

4. Equipped with electronic saw blade protection device to observe the sharpness and blunt state of the saw blade in real time.

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