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Js026 automatic cutting machine

Technical parameters:

Cutting diameter: φ 9— φ 40mm

Maximum cutting length: 200mm

Blade diameter: φ 110— φ 160mm

Blade bore: φ 22、 φ 27、 φ 32mm

Main motor power: 3kw

Cutting motor power: 120W

Feeding motor 1 power: 120W

Feeding motor 2 power: 120W

Cutting speed: 15-100 pieces / min

Bed size: 1100 * 840 * 1300mm

Rack size: 4000 * 1100 * 1260mm

Machine characteristics:

1. On the basis of having all the functions of ordinary automatic cutting machine, the functions of automatic feeding, automatic leveling head, automatic picking tail, counting arrival shutdown, alarm prompt and so on are added.

2. Remaining length of material tail: 3cm - 3cm + one product length.

3 human machine interface operation, intuitive and easy to understand.

4 when the main machine is in the cutting state, the materials on the material rack are in the waiting state. When the materials in the main machine are cut, the materials on the material rack automatically enter the main machine, and accurately pick out the tail of the materials in front and fall into the waste basket.

5. No material alarm and automatic shutdown.

6. Hydraulic stamping device can be installed according to the needs of customers.

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